Sleep Hacks: How to Get Your Best Sleep

Photo by Alexandra Gorn

You’re tired. You didn’t sleep well last night, or the night before. You can’t even function before your first cup of coffee in the morning, and might need another 2-3 cups to get you through the day. And while you feel so dang tired all day, when it comes time to actually go to bed you’re wide awake and can’t sleep a wink.

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Get Off the Hamster Wheel of Chronic Stress

Ever find yourself  thinking, gosh, I’m so run down and stressed this week, only to realize that this week is really no different from last week? Or the week before that? You’re feeling particularly overwhelmed and your best friend asks you what’s going on, but your answer is, “just life, you know?”

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6 Natural Cold Remedies that Work Immediately

Have you been feeling it? That sore throat? The runny nose? The incessant cough? And the overall feeling of fatigue that comes with fighting a cold. Cold and flu season is well underway and you may not be feeling your best. Here are 6 easy, whole foods-based solutions for fighting your cold naturally and efficiently and getting you back to feeling your best.

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5 Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Weekday Mornings

Breakfast. It’s the first thing you put in your body after a night-long fast and ideally, highly nourishing, filling and full of good stuff to give you energy and keep you going for hours. Yet sometimes starting our day on the right foot (meal-wise) can be a challenge in the morning rush and before we know it, we’re rushing out the door on an empty stomach with only a cup of coffee in hand. Here are 5 ideas for easy, scrumptious breakfasts you can put together for your busy weekday mornings plus one yummy weekend recipe for when you’ve got a little more time.

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How to Overcome New Mom Exhaustion

Being mom is so exhausted

This month’s article has been kindly provided by my friend, Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Pearl Arjomand. Welcome Pearl!

Did you just have a baby and are struggling to stay awake? Having a baby includes a lot of change − to your body, to your family, to every aspect of your life! This change can be particularly challenging if it’s your first time, but whether you’re a first time mama or not, you might still be looking for ways you can feel your best so that you can enjoy this precious time with your little chickpea. Here are a few factors that might be affecting your energy levels.

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Superfoods 101: Easy Ways to Get Your Fill

White bowls of various superfoods on white wooden background

Superfoods are getting a lot of buzz lately. So many items are being called superfoods now and you may have a general sense that this is a good thing (super equals good, right?), but not know what this term really means or how to start incorporating them in your diet. So here’s a crash course to superfoods and some easy ways you can start enjoying them.

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5 Ways to De-Stress

Relaxed young yoga woman in yoga pose near pool. Yoga Concept.

Stress. It’s something that most of us experience yet have a hard time dealing with. You might be thinking, Laila, I would love to be less stressed but I don’t know how to or have the time. Well, this article is for you because I’ve briefly explained why we need to better cope with it and included five ways you can start dealing with stress today. Or, you may be thinking, Laila, I’m not really very stressed, or I think I handle it just fine. To which my answer is: great! – this is still the article for you because stress is a sneaky beast and it likes to hide. Many of us are experiencing stress and aren’t aware of it until it hits us unawares or manifests in other ways. So read on and learn the ways you can start beating stress.

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6 Healthy Snacks That Everyone Can Enjoy

traditional sauce hummus with fresh vegetables and pita bread, top view

Looking for a few go-to snacks? The best ones will nourish you and leave you feeling satisfied. They’ll also have a good combination of carbs, protein and fat to provide you with energy and leave you satiated until your next meal. Here are a few easy ones and tips for getting healthy snacking done.

Veggie Platters

With the warm summer weather, I can’t get enough of delicious crisp veggies, sliced apples, seed crackers and hummus (see my Facebook post). It’s the best time of the year for this so try cucumber, celery, carrots, bell peppers. You can also try pairing sliced apples with almond butter and a dusting of cinnamon. Very nice.

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Beat the 3pm Energy Crash

Years ago when I worked in an office, without fail by 2-3pm my energy levels would crash and I would consistently turn to something, anything to get me through the rest of the day (which by then felt like it could not come sooner). A friend of mine and I would message each other over whether one had access to any contraband: chocolate? cookies? coffee? Yes please to all three. And since this seemed to be everyone’s story I didn’t think much of it. This is normal, right? Actually, it really isn’t.


It’s now rare for me to need any kind of energy pick-me-up at any point of the day. My energy levels are steady from when I wake up to when I get ready for bed and I’m here to share with you some common culprits that cause the energy slumps that many experience mid-afternoon.

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Tips to Kick That Sugar Habit


Okay, so we’ve (mostly) all been there. I want to eat healthier. I really shouldn’t have that dessert. I need to cut down on my sugar intake. Okay, I’ll have this piece of cake and then I’ll cut down on sugar. A sugar habit can be really difficult to break. It can be one of the hardest things to give up and you may beat yourself up for not having “stronger willpower” to just follow-through on the plan you made to avoid it earlier that week, day or hour. Why is it so hard? Here I’ll share some tips to kick your sugar habit for good that will leave you with more energy without feeling deprived.

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