Tips to Kick That Sugar Habit


Okay, so we’ve (mostly) all been there. I want to eat healthier. I really shouldn’t have that dessert. I need to cut down on my sugar intake. Okay, I’ll have this piece of cake and then I’ll cut down on sugar. A sugar habit can be really difficult to break. It can be one of the hardest things to give up and you may beat yourself up for not having “stronger willpower” to just follow-through on the plan you made to avoid it earlier that week, day or hour. Why is it so hard? Here I’ll share some tips to kick your sugar habit for good that will leave you with more energy without feeling deprived.

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Start Your Day with a Green Smoothie

Fresh green smoothie with banana and spinach with title I love smoothie on blackboard

We’ve all heard the old adage, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but until a few years ago I didn’t really abide by it. In fact, the first thing you consume to break an 8-10-hour fast should replenish your body with all the nutrients and energy it will need to start your day on the right foot. With that in mind, here are some reasons why a green smoothie can do this for you and some tips to get started.

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Getting Started on Healthy Eating

Many people approach me with the question, I want to eat more healthily, but how do I get started?, and my answer is usually, Do it gradually and sustainably. Any kind of lifestyle change can be overwhelming but it can be especially impractical if it’s too much too soon. You get really excited and motivated, plan for a complete overhaul in your kitchen, and then find that when life gets busy it’s much easier to rely on old habits. So here are some tips for incorporating healthy changes to your diet that you can actually maintain.

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