Get Off the Hamster Wheel of Chronic Stress

Ever find yourself  thinking, gosh, I’m so run down and stressed this week, only to realize that this week is really no different from last week? Or the week before that? You’re feeling particularly overwhelmed and your best friend asks you what’s going on, but your answer is, “just life, you know?”

Now, granted this year has been particularly stressful for us all but is this really what life is all about? Pushing ourselves, grinding, and then finding little moments where we feel calm and actually enjoy life?
Maybe it’s because everyone around us is doing the same thing, or because we think it’s the only way. But it’s really not. And I think we all know it’s taking its toll.

The Hard Truth

The truth is that chronic stress isn’t a necessary way to live.. and it causes short and long-term harm to your body. From headaches, heartburn and insomnia to depression, fertility problems and high blood pressure. You may be experiencing some or all of these problems (or even more) because of your daily dose of stress but feel like you’re too tired, busy and overwhelmed to really do anything about it.

What If…

But what would it look like if you did do something about it? Play a game with me for a few minutes right now and imagine what your days would look like if you woke up refreshed, energized, and motivated to start your day? Now imagine yourself feeling calm and in control at the end of your work days. You have the time and mental space to pursue your interests and long-term goals. You’re in a field of work that you love. Your relationships are benefitting from your new joy and sense of calm. And yeah, stressful things still happen, but you’re not living with constant anxiety that’s draining your energy.
What would that mean for you? How would you feel?

Think about it… and if you want to take a step towards living your best self, free from stress, join me on November 9 for my free 5-Day Stress Less Challenge. You’re going to love it.

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